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Street Animals, Dog care SuggestionsWho are actual Animals? Just because they are homeless and helpless, aren’t they treat or abuse badly.   Reason of increasing stray animals in Delhi or in India is the abandoned pets. When owner is not able to take care of their pets properly. Today’s reaction of public is son weird and even they stoop so low to harm them, it was so hard to distinguish between who are actual human and animals. Only their insensitive behavior make them wild and harmful. But the fact is, any street animal needs love care and humble behavior towards them as we human need but in return of their calm nature what they get harshness.


Animals and strays lived on street are not having proper diet and hygiene. If you are a pet lover then it’s obvious to find every stray tempting and probably you wants to feed them too. But in same way it might be risky because few are calm, quiet and harmless but most of strays are harmful and violent at the same time. But still you need take some precautions. As when you want them to bath, keep in mind they scared of water and they will bite you or harm you. So firstly put some warm water on their back and make them sure that it’s not harmful at all, calm them by rubbing their back and soon they will enjoy bathing. If you’re in frequent contact with stray animal, vaccinate yourself before touching them.

Adopting them is not only option left to you for their necessity but also we can provide them with artificial and man-made shelter for them. Making shade for them where they usually come nearby your area and you can also give them fresh food. Usually it was seen that people used to feed atrocious and scrap supplements to them. We can’t let them to lead awful life as they clearly don’t deserve it. If we love our pets so much then similarly that’s our moral duty to take care of them as our own. We should treat them like our own pets. We can’t hold every stray at home rather give them enough love and showing kind behavior wherever we encounter them.


In the government constitutional fundamental rights under article 51(g) it was duty of residence to take care of the dogs and living creatures nearby their house and make the place peaceful and friendly.  Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 vide the Gazette of India: Extra Ordinary Part II – Sec. 3 – sub section. II dated 24th December 2001 to implement sterilization and vaccination of street/community dogs to control the dog population. A Direct Order dated 3rd March 2008 was issued by Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India  (D.O. AWBI/PCA/3.3.2008), referring to the above-mentioned Memo and provides for immunity to animal feeders and restrict government employees or bodies such as Resident Welfare Associations from harassing people who try to feed or help animals.

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From Alzheimer’s to stress fishes helps you to overcome with your all miseries. In same way being around you fishes also experiences lively nature.

Fishes are considered to be very calm and quite specie like the nature of water. Fishes body structure and other specification are perfectly suited the habitat they are living, especially their food, nutrients swimming behavior. We can find countless species of fish in ocean but Goldfish and Siamese fighting fish are popular in category of pet fish. Some fishes are kept in public pond and also very well taken care. The purpose of keeping them in public pond is for the nature beauty and connecting them with environment.

There are several kinds of fishes in aquarium includes carnivores, omnivores as well as herbivores. We have to keep in mind that there is different food for aquarium fish varies with different category. Herbivores Fishes like Plecos, African cichlids, pacus and silver dollars they usually had lettuce, spinach, zucchini and green peas chopped into fish-sized bites.But mostly fishes in aquarium are omnivores like Goldfish. So we can feed them with both i.e. plants as well meat chunks. But the thing we should keep in mind in case of goldfish we have to be sure what exactly is food they need because they vary with the different adaption. Omnivores are the kind who can eat both plants and meat food like tetra bits fish food. Mostly aquarium had omnivore’s fishes.  

There are variety of fishes in aquarium, like some feed from surface, some from mid layer and some feed from bottom. It is our responsibility to take care of fishes and provided them with appropriate types of floating and sinking food.  In case of fishes, the quality and quantity matter a lot for their livelihood. It might be observed that almost all dry foods for fishes are same. But we have to be sure about the ingredients that are differ in some cases. Although omnivores fishes have similar diets. In terms of quantity, accurate amount of food is important for their health and happiness. Consequences of Underfeeding might result in unhealthy and under stress fishes.  Similarly, consequence of overfeeding will give them decomposed and unhygienic surrounding which can cause severe disease like ammonia and also molds bacteria in water. There are also number of pet food store in Delhi who can help any of the beginner for their pet fishes.

Having a calm behavior of fishes, it helps in reducing stress and let you calm and quite. Watching them for a minute or two it will gives you immense peace. It may also said that keeping fish aquariums in house may have good impact on your children. Keeping fish is not at all simple task to do. We have to adopt several responsibilities as they need special care.Most hospital kept aquarium in there waiting hall not for showcase purpose but for a specific reason. It was proven to relief in pain in most cases, whether in dental sections or in general sections also. Alzheimer, blood pressure lack of concentration these are few basic issues that people faced nowadays, aquarium helps in all cases.

As owning a dog is not only fun but a great responsibility towards them. In the Beginning, for their needs and requirements we have to be sure and look after them every single minute. We must be sure that our love and concern we cannot bound them in eyes-only. Dogs are is also reason behind your fit and fine health.

As per the life cycle of pets which is far different from our normal lifestyle and we can’t force them to let them to fit in ours too. Every stage of dog needs different kind even different amount of food, like puppies need more food for their growth as compared to adults. Dry Dog food, canned, freeze-dried, dehydrated and raw food for young pets and puppies. Consistency is most important for healthy pets. That consistency in their routine and diet will be helpful for them as well as to partner too. Diets consist of Pedigree Dog food, Royal Canin Dog foodand other dog’s food should be given in proper order. For every kind of dogs some essential nutrients are required to give them in adequate amount. As dogs needs water 60-70% in average.

  •         Proteins are also necessary for their growth, reproductions and maintenance of body. Major source of proteins for dogs are animal-based meats such as chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, fish and egg( keeping in mind never feed your dog raw egg, reason be the white part of egg contains Avidin which is anti-vitamin) in vegetable cereals and soy.
  •         In concept of Vitamins and Minerals, it is necessary only in diets just for metabolic activities because it is advised to feed as prescribed by veterinarian.
  •         Fats are also a way important unlike other nutrients. It is required for structuring of cells, hormones production and utilizing and absorbing certain vitamins that are present their diet. Deficiency of fatty acid may result in decreasing growth and many skin problems.
  •         Carbohydrates helps in reproduction and acts as energy provider. Fibers are kind of carbohydrates that are minimize the bacterial population in body and helps body from chronic diarrhea in them. Main source of carbohydrate is moderate fermentable i.e. brans (corn, rice and wheat) and wheat middling.